de·sign [dih-zahyn]: The ability to combine creativity and rationality to meet user needs

aerospace supplier aerospace supplier aerospace supplier
NanoSperse has the skills to help customers be creative while staying grounded in reality of what nanomaterials can and can not do. We do not push products onto customers, but rather work with material engineers to design meaningful improvements in performance with one thing in mind:

Goal:  Simplified structures, lower weight, reduced overall cost.

Nano-enhanced composites are finding real uses for improvement of many properties:

  • Electrical conductivity (lightning strike protection, electromagnetic interference shielding, electrostatic dissipation)
  • Thermal Management (anti-ice, heat management, interfacial conductance)
  • Mechanical Performance (durability, impact, fatigue, erosion, abrasion, TOS, flame, inter-laminar strength)
NanoSperse offers innovative new technologies in high electrical/thermal conductivity resins, co-cured engineered surfaces and films, multifunctional bonding and joining, and novel bulk molding compounds. Recent product advances by NanoSperse include adhesives for space applications, thermally conductive cyanate ester prepregs, conductive films for EMI, and erosion and abrasion resistant surfaces for composite parts.

That’s why so many companies view NanoSperse as a critical tool in their tool box for taking materials from proof of concept to full production.

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