de·vel·op·ment [dih-vel-uhp-muhnt]:
The process to bring design to a more advanced or effective state

Over 300 new nanocomposite formulations developments for our customers in the past two years.

Once a materials design is conceived, the real work begins.  NanoSperse works with its customers to produce proof of concept samples and prototype materials in all stages of development.  No one is more capable of supporting proprietary development of nano-enhanced materials. 

The NanoSperse State-of-the-Art prototyping facility supports the iterative activities so important to optimization of properties and establishing repeatability in advance of production transitions.

The NanoSperse staff is dedicated to satisfying customer requirements and providing the best possible service.


Conductive Composite

Uniform dispersion of conductive composite

That’s why so many companies view NanoSperse as a critical tool in their tool box for taking materials from proof of concept to full production.

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