sup·ply [suh-plahy]: to furnish or provide with what is lacking or requisite.


Nearly 100% of the nanomaterials used in industry will be pre-dispersed prior to introduction into a mixing process.

This is especially true for carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanofibers, carbon nanotubes and graphene.  NanoSperse has invested in facilities that are uniquely suited to disperse these materials efficiently into intermediate product forms that can be utilized by industry to achieve consistent properties and minimize exposure to employees.  NanoSperse dispersion technology is based on proven solution and non-solution processes.

NanoSperse technology permits us to disperse nanomaterials in large volumes to support the needs of the prepreg and formulator community as well as OEMs.

Since we are dedicated to supporting customer proprietary developments, our customers consider us an extension of their development and manufacturing capability. As such we designed our quality systems to include processes of design and development as well as manufacturing.  NanoSperse quality systems are registered to the AS9100-RevC standard, an indication of our dedication to meeting customer needs. NanoSperse Products

That’s why so many companies view NanoSperse as a critical tool in their tool box for taking materials from proof of concept to full production.

NanoSperse provides solution and non-solution processes for dispersing nanomaterials into thermoset resins, thermoplastics, and elastomeric systems with full production transition. The company supplies concentrates for development purposes as well as continuous processes for large volume contract manufacturing.

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