Terms and Conditions




This document provides an overview of general and specific vendor quality system requirements relevant to supplies and services purchased and/or received by NanoSperse.  This document does not replace any existing terms and conditions, specifications, standards, or agreements nor does it constitute any other contractual obligation, affiliation, or relationship.



ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT/TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Acceptance of a sales order, purchase order, or payment from NanoSperse shall constitute the Supplier’s agreement to comply with the Terms and Conditions noted herein in addition to specified customer requirements.


REQUIREMENTS:  Suppliers are preferred to maintain a documented Quality Management System (ISO 9001 and/or AS9100) which is available for review by NanoSperse if requested.


COMPLIANCE:  The Supplier asserts that their business practices comply with all federal, state, and local regulations, industry standards, and quality system requirements.


INSPECTION:  Right of access for audit, inspection, and/or verification will be granted by the Supplier to NanoSperse, their customers, and/or regulatory authorities to applicable areas and records throughout the supply chain as it relates to the fulfillment and subsequent disposition and use of the purchased product and/or service.


NOTIFICATIONS:  The Supplier is obligated to immediately inform NanoSperse in writing of any possible nonconforming product or process.  This notification should include identification data (purchase date, order number, product name/number, lot number), as well as provide any additional information requested by NanoSperse to assist in thorough identification of nonconforming product.  Additionally, NanoSperse should be notified in writing of any changes in product, process, suppliers, facilities, ownership, or quality system status.


RECORDS:  The Supplier will provide upon delivery to NanoSperse all applicable product data, including MSDS and certificates of analysis/conformity, as well as return any materials, tools, drawings, or written specifications provided by NanoSperse.  Product and process related records including testing, inspection, and verification should be retained by the Supplier for a minimum of ten years.


CHANGES:  If unable to fulfill the Purchase Order/Sales Agreement in accordance with the specified product key characteristics or service requirements, the Supplier will notify NanoSperse in writing within three business days.  If applicable, written acceptance must be obtained from NanoSperse management prior to providing substitutions, nonconforming product, or out-of-spec products or services.  No changes shall be made to the Purchase Order or product/service requirements unless approved in writing by NanoSperse.


CORRECTIVE ACTION:  In the event of product or service failure or inadequacy, a Supplier Corrective Action Request may be issued by NanoSperse to which the Supplier will respond in a timely manner.


FLOW DOWN:  Suppliers shall flow down to their sub-tier suppliers any applicable NanoSperse product or purchase requirements.

REV 110203